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USPS Hold Mail Services

Know what is USPS hold mail and which type of services provided they. Various studies have brought forth the fact that; still Americans prefer to get bills on paper instead of getting it online. They trust to have records on paper instead of having just a soft copy of it. These paper bills, can become difficult to collect from your address especially during those days when you are out of town, and not available to collect them.

This is the time, when one should consider opting for USPS hold mail services. By opting for this service, you can opt for temporary hold of mails till the last date of vacations, and then receive it after your arrival.

This service has proven to be one of the most useful services provided by USPS, especially for those individuals who would never want their confidential documents getting handed over it other people whom they cannot trust or rely on.

Factors to keep in mind while requesting for USPS hold mail

Before an individual opts for USPS hold mail services, there are certain things to keep in mind;

  1. Decide the tenure you want to hold your mail:The tenure should be decided upon well in advance before approaching the organisation. The company shall hold on the mail minimum for three days to maximum 30 days. Hence, it is important to assign starting and ending date to such hold.
  2. When to submit hold request: The time for sending request should be well determined. Well if you are thinking of submitting request by physically vesting the office then it might take 1 day. However if you submit it online before 2 a.m. CST then the request shall be processed the same day.
  3. How to submit request: Another most important thing to decide and consider while submitting the request is the method. One can either submit request through phone, in person or online.

How to Submit Request for USPS Hold Mail?

As discussed above, the request for holding mail can be made in three ways. However the choice of method entirely depends on an individual. We have further elaborated the methods to help you understand in a better way;

#1 In person: The hold mail request can be sent in person. Hence for submitting such request you will have to visit the office on your own, fill the PS form 8076. It is advisable to visit the office during business USPS hours and also lunch time should be avoided. Before handing over the completed form, make sure to check that all the details are appropriate. Upon submitting the form, a confirmation number shall be provided ensure to keep it.

#2 Phone: Talk to USPS portal over phone, and tell them about the starting and ending date of putting mail on hold. The Company has a toll free customer service number, which has been made available for handling mail issues, requests and grievances etc. By opting for this method, you can submit the hold mail request within few minutes without having to get into much hassle. Herein, you can even discuss with them the preferred method of collecting mails post your arrival.

#3 Online: Well, this is the fastest, best and most convenient method to follow for submitting request for holding mail. It is quite a simple method, and can be completed by simply following the steps given on online screen. In order to help individuals comfortably submit request online we have brought forth steps below:

  1. a) Logon to official USPS website. The hold mail option is available in two tabs i.e. Quick tools and Track and manages. Once you have the hold tab in front of you, click on it.
  2. b) Fill the blank fields and make sure that you enter correct information. All the required fields have been marked with blue star. So keep on filling the details asked for. If in case the postal service is not available near your address, then there is nothing to worry about you can request for the local post office.
  3. c) The next step is to proceed with selection of dates of holding mail. The first empty space should contain the starting date and the next one should have ending date. It is important to keep in mind that holding mail service is provided for free for a minimum of 3 days and maximum 30 days. Herein, you will also be asked for options of collecting mails once you are back. You can either choose “Carrier delivers accumulated mails” or “I will pick up accumulated mail”.
  4. d) Once you are done providing completed details on the site, then all you are left with is submitting the request. Once the request has been submitted, in no time it shall be received by the company for processing. However, upon clicking submit button wait for some time to get response of success such that you can be sure of submission of request.

Hold Mail for more than 30 days

If in case individual is willing to hold the mail for more than 30 days, they can opt for premium forwarding service. However this service is not available for free and comes along with a fee charged by the company.

So this is all about USPS Hold Mail services provided by the United States Postal Service in USA. Stay tuned to for more details on USPS.