USPS International Tracking

First Class USPS Tracking

USPS is one of the most well-known and popular government organizations that offer premium USPS international tracking to its customers. Hence international customers can now rely on the organization for timely delivery of orders and at the same time keep track of the orders.

With the USPS International tracking number facility offered by the company, one can get a true picture of the delivery date and by when can they expect to get the package at their doorstep. So in this article, we are going to provide you detailed information about USPS international tracking and how to do the USPS tracking mobile online!

USPS Tracking Service

For users who wish to gain complete information on tracking and international shipping they can check the official web portal for results. With this tracking service, customer undoubtedly would be ankle to get confirmation status of their shipment and also real time status as to where the product is placed.

Hence this shall make things pretty much simple for the customers to have access to and stay informed. Before you do USPS international tracking, let me show you some of the amazing features of USPS International Mail forwarding! Here you go!

Features of USPS International Tracking

  • This amazing international tracking service is offered to all the citizens based in US and seeking service from the organization.
  • With this tracking service, user is enabled to keep track of their package location and also expected time of delivery to the ordered address.
  • While opting for USPS international shipping, customers are eligible to avail free package pickup service to home or office work place and know about USPS holiday hours.
  • The international shipment might take 6-10 days of time; hence before shipping the order it is essential for the customer to stay informed on this fact.
  • The tracking service is accessible for all the customers residing across the borders of the country.
  • While availing services from USPS, customers are granted USD 100 insurance for nonnegotiable document while there is USD 200 cover for loss of any things while transportation.

UPS International Mail

The international tracking service offers various benefits to its users and customers. The goods are delivered with estimated time and an appropriate track of the parcel is kept throughout with the help of international tracking service. Customers along with this are also served with additional options as mentioned below;

  1. Priority mail services: Priority mails can be chosen by customers, wherein parcel is delivered within 6-10 business working days.
  2. Global express guaranteed: Through global express, the delivery of package or consignment is guaranteed to be delivered within 1-3 business days.
  3. Priority mail express: It is comparatively offered at low rates, wherein the shipment is delivered to the final ordered address within 3-5 business days.

With all these international shipment options, customers have the chance to keep a track of their orders and find out by when the goods are expected to reach the final destination.

USPS International Tracking Countries

All the countries are not providing this USPS international tracking service to its clients. In order to assist customers have the country list jotted down at one place, we have brought forth the list below;

Australia Great Britain
Belgium Northern Ireland
Canada Hungary
Croatia Israel
Estonia Latvia
Finland Lithuania
Germany Malaysia
Netherlands Spain
New Zealand Switzerland

So this is all about the features of USPS international mail and the countries where USPS provides international shipping. Meanwhile, let us inform you that USPS international shipping charges vary from country to country. To know the shipping charges, you can use USPS international shipping calculator.

Once you are done reading the above information, you can easily do USPS international tracking by visiting this page or just follow the below given detailed guide:

#1. The very first step is to copy your USPS Tracking number!

#2. Now click this link to visit the USPS International Tracking page.

#3. On the right top corner, you will find a search box where you need to enter the USPS International tracking number.

#4. Now press enter after copying the number in the search box and wait for the results.

#5. Once the page loads completely, you will get your USPS international tracking number with status live.


This was all about USPS international tracking service and how it has assisted companies and customers to keep a track of their shipments and ensure their timely delivery to final destinations.

How to Change USPS Change of Address Online

USPS Change of Address Online

One of the great facilities offered by USPS is that it allows you to change address by following some simple steps. There are different ways by which you can do USPS change of address and some of the convenient ways and respective methods are described below.

USPS Change of address

If you have decided to change USPS address then you can make use of online facility or call at the toll free Number. However, the most convenient way to do USPS change of address is to visit the nearby USPS post office or follow the online procedure given in this post!

To start with we will provide you a detailed guide on how to do USPS change of address for just $1 or even free by visiting the USPS Post office. So not making you wait any more, here’s how you can easily do USPS change of address by visiting the post office instantly and also check USPS tracking online!

How to Change Address in Post Office

If you are looking to get your address changed with USPS then all you need to do is visit the nearby USPS post office and you can follow the simple steps. Visit the nearby brand and pick the PS form 3575. Inside the form, you will see ten fields completely blank and you can fill the details using a blue or black pen.

  1. In the first blank field, you need to enter the type of your move. You can select “Individual” / “Entire Family” or select “Business”. If need to choose family option if you are moving with your family. Depending on your motive, you can enter the address change reason.
  2. In second field, you need to enter the information if the change is temporary. You can enter the old address and select Yes or you can choose No if you don’t want to come back.
  3. In the 3rd field, you will be able to see the option of “Start Date”. Enter the date when you want to forward the mails to the newly entered address.
  4. In the fourth blank field, enter the date when you want to discontinue the forwarding facility.
  5. In the 5th option, enter your last name, middle and first name.
  6. In the 6th field, write your business name.
  7. Complete all rest details such as city name, state and ZIP code.
  8. You can fill the details of new address in 8th
  9. Sign in as the next step and enter the current date as last two steps.

After you are done with the form, you can simply hand over the form to clerk or post office box with all the details entered. You can enjoy all the benefits of changing the address form by visiting the office. You need not have to pay anything and you will be able to clear all your doubts if you change address at the office only. You can save yourself from agent websites.

How much Change of Address Costs You?

Changing of address by visiting the local USPS office doesn’t cost anything. However, if you are doing it from official website online then it will cost you just $1. There are certain companies and agents that charge for around $10 – $40 depending on requirement. One of the most secure ways to change address online is by following below simple way.

How to Change Address Online:-

  1. Open the USPS website and fill the form. Follow the Quick Tools or Track and Manage option to get the right address.
  2. Read the privacy statement, agree and continue.
  3. Follow 5 steps to complete process-You can enter the move info, name and address, identify check, instant savings and confirm order.
  4. Enter the old address and ZIP code in the section mentioned.
  5. After entering above details correction you can go ahead with the continue option

After clearing the first and second part, it’s the turn for third part which is Identity Check. You need to fill the billing address here.

Many people change their address frequently and therefore they need to inform mail services about the change. The USPS change of address form is quite simple and can be easily filed.

USPS Change of Address Form:-

The USPS change of address form is quite simple and can be filled easily. All you need to do is fill the form number 3575 if you are looking to change your address with US Postal service by clicking on the link online or ask for the form over online.

Here in the form you can enter the change of address or any other personal Information such as cold or cough. If you select then all the information is available on the official website of USPS. Steps to fill the form are simple. Follow below steps

·         Inside the form there are 10 sections. In the first section choose the type of movement.

·         Select Option yes or no. Yes for temporary and No for permanent.

·         Enter start date in third section

·         Enter the date for temporary movement and write first and last name

·         In the next section enter the old address and new mailing address

·         Sign in the next option and fill out the date in next section

After completion of above steps, you can continue to instant saving option and also avail special offers in your new address and continue. In the last page, you can confirm about your order. Changing mailing address online may cost you around $1 but from local post service, you don’t have to pay anything. Download the printable form online by visiting link for USPS change of address.

Final words

The steps mentioned above are simple ways by which you can change your address online or directly visiting the local USPS post office. You can edit any of the option in the middle of the process and doesn’t matter where you are currently. On the right of the page, you can see all the filled information and can change any option by clicking on edit.

One of the best ways about USPS is that it allows you to sign in and save the filled forms that can be edited anytime. The complete process of changing address is extremely simple and convenient. You can even add a temporary address in the change section by entering a temporary address and date from which you can want the change to be applicable.

So follow above simple steps and also save money by USPS change of address online or visit the nearby USPS office and save money by getting everything done easily.

USPS Mail Forwarding

USPS Mail Forwarding

USPS Mail forwarding is an essential service, especially for individuals who are shifting to a new location. One can apply for this, and once the process is completed you shall start receiving the mails on your new address.

USPS Mail forwarding

For those who are moving, it is important that to change the address else mails would be sent to an earlier address. Further, you won’t be in a situation to get back to your mail to changed address easily. It’s also important to check out the USPS rates before you choose to move out to new location 🙂

Request for USPS Mail Forwarding

Once the request for USPS mail forwarding is initiated, it depends on how developed and well organized the postal office to attend your request. An office based in urban area with all the services organized at one place would be able to entertain the request much earlier in comparison to rural based office having not much built in infrastructure.

Steps to Forward your Mail in USPS

For users willing to use USPS mail forwarding service, they have to fill an application form of change of address. The said form can be filled in two ways i.e. online or by visiting the post office.

  1. For individuals who chose to visit the post office, would be required to fill in form no 3575.
  2. For individuals who are willing to carry out the procedure online, it would cost them USD 1. This service is charged for verifying the identity of person accessing the online portal and sending request for change in address.

While filing the address, an individual would be provided with two options i.e. permanent and temporary address. For people who are moving permanently, they can select the permanent option while others can opt for the temporary option.

It is important to make a note that in case of permanent option, all the mails would be sent to new address permanently while in case of temporary mails shall be sent to new address for a short period i.e. 15 days or 1 year Herein, one would have to update their request after first six months. You also have an option to hold your mail if you want to by visiting the official website

Different Types of USPS Mail Forwarding

USPS offers its customers with two kinds of mail forwarding services i.e. regular mail forwarding or premium mail forwarding.

  1. Regular mail forwarding service: Herein the mail shall be sent to you after it reaches to the first destination. Then the new mailing address shall be put on the post and put back to mailing system for delivery. The mail shall be received within one to two weeks, depending on your distance. Once the address has been changed, a welcome kit shall be received by the user.
  2. Premium mail forwarding service: Herein the mails shall be received within 2-3 working days. These services come along with weekly fees of USD 18.65 and USD 17.10 while enrolling online. Mails using this service will be sent through priority mail service. However, residential service is only available temporarily ranging from 15 days to a year. Moreover one cannot have access to such services online. Note that the first class emails shall be sent separately without levying any extra cost on users.

Conclusion of USPS Mail

Thus USPS mail forwarding service is one of the most useful services especially for users who keeps on moving or changing their address and does not wish to miss any of their emails. Among two categories of mail forwarding service, one can choose any one of them suiting their requirements and urgency. You can also forward your USPS Priority Mail in a similar way! 😉

For those who are satisfied with regular mail forwarding, they can opt to continue with the same and save themselves from spending extra money on fees or charges. Stay tuned to website for more news on United States Postal Service 😉

Check USPS Shipping Calculator Online

USPS Shipping Calculator International

Interested to know how USPS shipping calculator works? United States Postal Services (USPS) is a user friendly postal service that provides first class priority and expresses mails. They continue to ship across the globe internationally. USPS offers range of services includes insurance of packages and timely USPS delivery of goods. It also offers different helplines to get information regarding postage delivery.

USPS Shipping Calculator

One of the most challenging things to do while posting any package is related to estimating its cost. Now you can get access to simple and easy user friendly website that makes it easier to calculate the shipping or postage cost. All you need to do is visit the official webpage of USPS ( from your computer, laptop or mobile with internet connection. Get all the information sorted out and check the postage or USPS shipping calculator. You don’t have to create an account in order to check shipping cost.

How to Calculate USPS Shipping Charges

Instructions to be followed by Calculating USPS Shipping Charges!

  • Step 1: In order estimate shipping cost, first you need to do is logon to
  • Step2: Now go to Mail & Ship option and there you will be able to see a blue bar visible and runs across the screen.
  • Step 3: From the drop down menu, you can click on the Option “Calculate a Price”
  • After clicking on the above tab, a new page will open and it will display the USPS logo and USPS shipping calculator. If you are having any doubts related to the page or you have any other information is

Calculate USPS Online

Follow Below steps for estimating USPS shipping calculator

  • Choose a Destination– This will show the information where you wish to send the consignment. It will show the default location as US (Domestic). Select the country where you wish to post the packages and then click once outside the selected box. Alternatively you can press “Tab” key and wait for the sometime before web page gets refreshed.UPS Shipping Calculator
  • Enter the Item Value– the second thing to do in order to get shipping cost is the check the amount / price of the package. You can enter the number directly. You can enter value 10 if the package price is $10 or 10.50 if the value of price is $10.50. Don’t put the “$” in front of value as it will not accept.
  • Enter the date and date– Enter the date appearing and select the date. You cannot select an early date as by default it will get scratched out. Also you need to enter the time from the drop down menu option. Also you need to click on the checkbox If you have any doubts then you can also ask your query on official email ID of USPS.
  • Choose the Flat Rate Service– if you are sure about size of email then you can select the package followed by weight of the product.
  • Enter the Zip code of both origin and destination under the relevant boxes available. You can also look for the ZIP code by checking online or selecting from drop down option.

After entering above information, you can click on next page and select the mailing option in order to finish the complete process.  So this is all about USPS Shipping Calculator and the way to use it. You can also go through USPS Hold Mail and USPS mail forwarding posts on our blog to know more about holding and forwarding your mail without any troubles!

USPS Rates, Hours, Holidays, Delivery Times Online

USPS Rates 2017

In this article, I am going to talk about USPS rates, USPS holidays, USPS Hours and USPS Delivery times so that you can get a clear idea about the pricing and the working hours to receive your parcel. This post will give you enough idea about when does your parcel gets delivered and what price too. In the previous post, I talked about USPS Hold Mail. So let’s have a look at some introduction first and then move on to the main subject 🙂

USPS Rates, Holidays, Delivery Times & USPS Hours!

USPS also known as United States Postal Service is a US government organization that was founded in the year 1971. USPS is offering postal services to its citizens with more than 200,000 vehicles and 600,000 workers on the job. The company ensures to provide its customers with timely services and delivery of goods, however, there can be certain delays due to holidays in the organization.

USPS holidays are those days when U.S. Postal service does not work. Although the non-working days of the company are Sunday, but they also have some other days on which they are not working. These are some special days or official holidays, on which offices are closed down and there is no one in the office to attend or attend the queries of clients.

These organizations are offered holidays on predetermined dates, such that customers can stay informed and plan their visit to postal offices accordingly. For individuals who often pay a visit to the postal offices, it is good for them to check out details below which contains minute of information of the holidays in postal offices.

USPS Holidays

The holidays are similar for each of the offices. Some of the holidays are quite evident and natural to happen in a government organization. The postal service organization is open on all the days, except the days mentioned in the schedule below and also Sundays. The table below shall provide you the complete list of holidays in the year 2017, and the occasions for which such holidays have been declared in the company, also we shared information about USPS rates, delivery times , etc. This list is prepared by in reference to official website which is

USPS Holidays List

Date Occasion
January 1 New Year’s Day
January 16 Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
February 20 Washington’s Birthday
May 29 Memorial Day
July 4 Independence Day
September 4 Labor Day
October 10 Columbus Day
November 11 Veterans Day
November 30 Thanksgiving Day
December 26 Christmas Day

USPS Holiday Dates and Details

  1. January 1, New Year’s Day: This day almost every company and firm is closed, owing to which one would not be able send or receive any mail.
  2. January 16, Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.: This day is kept as a holiday in USPS, as the company celebrates the birthday of Martin Luther King every year on third Monday of January.
  3. February 20, Washington’s Birthday: On this special day, people of United States celebrates the birthday of their first president i.e. George Washington. Even though the president was born on February 22, 1732 but due to Uniform Holidays Act, the country celebrates their birthday every year on third Monday of February.
  4. May 29, Memorial Day:This is yet another centralized holiday in US, which is celebrated in the memory of armed forces that died while serving the country. This occasion is celebrated on last Monday of May every year.
  5. July 4, Independence Day: It is celebrated on the occasion of independence of United States. This was the day when United States got separated from British and became a separate nation.
  6. September 4, Labor Day:This is also a federal holiday which is celebrated in the honor of American labor movement and also for workers contribution towards development of the country. This day is celebrated on first Monday of September every year.
  7. October 10, Columbus Day: This day is celebrated on second Monday of October every year, on the occasion of Columbus discovery of America.
  8. November 11, Veterans Day: This day is celebrated in the honor of the army veterans who have served the nation.
  9. November 30, Thanksgiving Day:This occasion is celebrated in both Canada and United states. While Canada celebrates it on second Monday of October, US celebrate it on fourth Thursday of November.
  10. December 26 Christmas Day: While Christmas is celebrated on 25th, but for most of the workers official holidays lies on 26th

So these are few specific days when the USPS Holidays are available and this detailed information with USPS dates of closed days can give you enough idea about when to register your parcel for delivery! If you feel that the parcel is going to come around the holiday time, you can just do USPS mail forwarding in that case 🙂

USPS Rates

Now that you know everything about USPS holidays, it’s now time to know the USPS rates at which you can deliver your respective parcels to various parts of the country! Remember that the prices vary from service to service and from place to place, so ensure that you go through the below given USPS Rates table carefully! 😀


USPS Rates for Various Services

Priority Mail Express® From $22.95 at the Post Office™
From $20.66 for Commercial Base®
From $20.66 for Commercial Plus®
Priority Mail Express Flat Rate™ Envelope $22.95 at the Post Office
$20.66 for Commercial Base
$20.66 for Commercial Plus
Priority Mail Express Open & Distribute® Service See your USPS® sales agent for Commercial Base pricing
See your USPS sales agent for Commercial Plus pricing
Priority Mail® From $6.45 at the Post Office
From $5.75 for Commercial Base
From $5.60 for Commercial Plus
Priority Mail Flat Rate® $6.45 at the Post Office
$5.75 for Commercial Base
$5.60 for Commercial Plus
Prepaid Forever® Priority Mail Flat Rate See pricing online
Priority Mail Regional Rate® Boxes From $6.01
Additional fee if postage is paid at Retail
Priority Mail Open & Distribute® Service See your USPS® sales agent for Commercial Base pricing
See your USPS sales agent for Commercial Plus pricing
Priority Mail Return® Service From $5.75 for Commercial Base
From $5.60 for Commercial Plus
First-Class Mail® From $0.47 at the Post Office
From $0.376 for Commercial Pricing
First-Class Package Service® From $2.62 for Commercial Pricing
First-Class Package Return® Service From $2.62 for Commercial Pricing
Standard Mail® From $0.151 for Commercial Pricing
Every Door Direct Mail – Retail® $0.176 for Flats up to 3.3 oz
Parcel Select® From $2.66 for Commercial Pricing
Parcel Select Lightweight® From $1.30 for Commercial Pricing
USPS Retail Ground From $6.75 at the Post Office
Parcel Return Service From $2.54 at the Post Office
Ground Return Service From $5.95 for Commercial Pricing
Media Mail® From $2.61 at the Post Office
From $1.79 for Commercial Pricing

Table Source: Official Website

You can also visit our home page to track USPS parcels and this post to know about Priority Mail tracking now!

USPS Delivery Times & Hours

The delivery time of USPS organization is similar to their working hours. Hence it clearly means that no package shall be delivered to you on Sundays or on official holidays. However, customers should make a note that all these delivery times are mere estimations, and they might vary depending on the services offered by the partner delivery companies working on the international and domestic level.

USPS Delivery Times

USPS Delivery Times & USPS Hours

Day Timings
Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Sunday Closed

Conclusion of USPS Rates, Holidays, Delivery Times & Working Hours

I am sure the above-mentioned information about USPS rates, USPS holiday, USPS hours, delivery times useful enough, to gain an insight of the working days and hours of the company. This way you can stay informed about receipt or delivery of the parcel, and also plan your visits to a postal office.